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AZTEQ Metaverse is a division of AMG Nederland BV, a privately held company, registered under 17228428 with SBI 6201 in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Our headquarters are located at Heikampweg 3, 5249JX Rosmalen, The Netherlands. We specialize in advanced software development, including fintech and blockchain and design infraless metaverse solutions. Our brand and company are EUIPO registered under 018883247.

We do not issue a stable coin, are not a Central Exchange, and do not hold funds from/for any third party and according the new MiCAR (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation). Everyone in our team has been gone through the identity check of our partner Veriff and we have no anonymous team members. Our smart contracts are open source, verified and audited by our partners and contain no malicious history. We fully comply to the AML rules and regulations and perform due diligence, KYC (Know-Your-Customer) on our partners.

We are a self-funded company and AZTEQ Metaverse has never performed pre-seed or participated in launchpads and any fundraising activity. This is version 2.0 of our whitepaper, compliant to the MiCAR requirements and composed to be future proof in collaboration with our legal partners.

Please do read this entire whitepaper prior making any decision and read the Disclaimer and Crypto-Assets Risk Disclosures carefully. Do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail at for any questions or contact our team directly through Telegram.


Welcome to the world of AZTEQ Metaverse, a groundbreaking platform that aims to revolutionize the digital landscape by empowering users to create, manage, and monetize their virtual experiences. With the increasing global interest in virtual reality and decentralized ecosystems, AZTEQ Metaverse seeks to harness the power of cutting-edge blockchain technology to provide a seamless,immersive, and rewarding experience for its users.

Our vision for AZTEQ Metaverse is to foster a vibrant, interconnected digital universe where users can interact, collaborate, and grow together. By leveraging the innovative AZTEQ coin and our unique Dynamic Digital Assets (DDA) technology, we strive to create a thriving ecosystem that supports secure transactions, community-driven governance, and boundless creativity.

In this whitepaper, we outline the foundation of AZTEQ Metaverse, exploring the core concepts of the metaverse, our research process, and the purpose and functionality of the AZTEQ coin. We delve into the tokenomics that drive our platform's economy and highlight the state-of-the-art technology that underpins our project. Furthermore, we examine our governance model, diverse use cases, organizational structure, and roadmap for future development, as well as our partnerships and community engagement strategies.

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey into the metaverse – a world where imagination, innovation, and community come together to forge the future of digital experiences.


The advent of blockchain technology and the rise of the metaverse have revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with digital environments. As the digital world becomes increasingly intertwined with our daily lives, the need for a comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure virtual platform has never been more crucial.

The idea behind AZTEQ Metaverse was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms, providing users with an engaging and seamless experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Our vision is to create a decentralized metaverse where individuals can explore, create, connect, and monetize their digital assets in a transparent, secure, and inclusive ecosystem.

Yet, such a dream comes with many challenges to conquer. We discovered that integrating the future of digital assets into existing game engines came with tradeoffs in speed and flexibility. After a complex analysis of cost and ownership, we found out about the massive expenses that would accompany the facilitation of a metaverse. In the back of our minds, we knew that creating an infinite world of content would be an impossible task to accomplish by ourselves.

A long story short is that we decided to create a content creation tool for others to design and build worlds, a custom high performance game engine that would allow easy deployment on multiple platforms, integrate blockchain technology at its core to manage digital assets, infraless tools for creators and developers, with a mindset to minimize the workflow, yet enough flexibility to facilitate creative freedom. This all to facilitate the next generation of gamers, who want to utilize their NFTs whether as virtual objects in their metaverse homes, switch their avatars and gear up to save the planet and collect their prices from their quests or tocherish their accomplishments and treasures in their digital inventory.

At the heart of the AZTEQ Metaverse is the AZTEQ coin, a utility token designed to empower users and facilitate secure and efficient transactions across our platform. By leveraging the power of the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and innovative Dynamic Digital Assets (DDA) technology, we aim to address the challenges of scalability, interoperability, and cost-efficiency in the metaverse, making it accessible to a wider audience. But there is more: with Dynamic Digital Assets we bring innovation to blockchain through a hybrid, non-fungible asset which can contain guaranteed, persistent and volatile data.

Our vision is to cultivate a thriving, interconnected community where users have the freedom to express their creativity, share their ideas, and collaborate on projects, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our metaverse. By promoting community-driven governance and placing users at the forefront of decision-making, we strive to create an environment that is both adaptable and responsive to the needs of its members.

Ultimately, our goal is to establish AZTEQ Metaverse as a leading force in the digital realm, shaping the future of online experiences and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this rapidly evolving landscape. We are dedicated to continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and robust growth, all while maintaining a strong focus on our users and the community that supports our vision. Together, we can unlock the full potential of the metaverse and redefine the way we interact with the digital world. But far more importantly, our message to our players is crystal clear:

The Power Is Yours.


AZTEQ Metaverse powers its own digital universe that aims to revolutionize the way people interact, socialize, and transact with one another. By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology and the power of the AZTEQ coin, our metaverse offers an immersive, interactive, and engaging environment where users can explore, create, and participate in a wide array of experiences.

Virtual Worlds

Our metaverse features a diverse collection of virtual worlds and environments, each with its unique theme, design, and atmosphere. Users can traverse these spaces, discovering new experiences and opportunities at every turn.

Content Creation

We encourage creativity and innovation by enabling users to create their own virtual spaces, items, and experiences. With a comprehensive set of tools and resources, users can design and develop their own virtual real estate, digital assets, and interactive experiences, which can be shared with the community.

Social Interaction

At its core, the metaverse is a social space allowing users to connect, collaborate, and build relationships with others. Throughcustomizable avatars, chat systems, and various social features, our metaverse fosters a sense of community and belonging,transcending the limitations of the physical world.

Digital Assets

The metaverse leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital assets to create a thriving virtual economy. Users can buy, sell, trade, and collect unique digital items, such as artwork, in-game assets, and virtual real estate with AZTEQ coin, all secured by blockchain technology.


Offering a diverse range of gaming and entertainment experiences, from casual games and competitive esports to live performances and virtual events. By integrating the AZTEQ coin and blockchain technology, our platform provides a seamless and secure gaming experience where users can earn rewards and interact with each other.


Presenting a wealth of opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to establish their presence in the virtual world. From virtual storefronts and advertising spaces to innovative services and applications, our platform enables new and exciting ways for businesses to connect with users and drive growth.

The Power Is Yours.


AZTEQ Metaverse Life comes with a strong commitment to research and development. Our team of dedicated engineers, developers, and industry experts continuously work to explore new technologies, identify emerging trends, and develop innovative solutions to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our research efforts are centered around the following key areas:

Blockchain Technology

As the foundation of the AZTEQ Metaverse Life, blockchain technology plays a crucial role in ensuring the security, transparency, and efficiency of our platform. Our research actively investigates the latest development in blockchain technology to further enhance the performance, scalability, and interoperability of our metaverse.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR technologies have revolutionized the way users interact with the digital world, offering immersive and engaging experiences that go beyond the confines of traditional screens. Our research explores the latest improvements in VR and AR.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML technologies offer exciting possibilities for enhancing the user experience, personalizing content, and automating various aspects of our metaverse. Our research actively investigates the latest advancements in AI and ML, with a focus on areas such as natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics to create smarter, more responsive, and adaptive digital experiences.

Decentralized Finance and Tokenomics

DeFi and tokenomics play a significant role in our metaverse, providing users with various economic opportunities and enabling seamless transactions within the ecosystem. Our research works to identify new and innovative protocols, analyze tokenomic models, and develop strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the AZTEQ coin and our ecosystem.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

The safety and privacy of our users are of paramount importance. Our research continuously investigates the latest developments in cybersecurity and privacy technologies, such as zero-knowledge proofs, secure multiparty computation, and homomorphic encryption, to ensure the highest levels of security and privacy for our users and their digital assets.

Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency

As a responsible and forward-thinking organization, we are committed to minimize the environmental impact of our platform and promote sustainable development. Our research actively explores new technologies and methodologies to improve the energy efficiency of our platform, reduce our carbon footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

By focusing on these key research areas, we strive to stay at the forefront of innovation and ensure the continued growth and success of our platform. Through our research efforts, we aim to drive the adoption of our metaverse, create new opportunities for our users, and shape the future of digital interactions.


AZTEQ Metaverse provides a cutting-edge digital ecosystem designed to provide users with immersive, interactive, and interconnected experiences that transcend the limitations of traditional online platforms. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, we aim to foster innovation, enhance digital ownership, and facilitate seamless collaboration across various applications and industries.

The purpose and functionality of our metaverse are centered around the following key pillars:


Designed to offer users a rich and engaging digital environment where they can interact with others, explore virtual worlds, and participate in a wide range of activities including gaming, entertainment, e-sports and education. By providing a diverse array of experiences, we aim to cater to different interests and preferences, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic digital landscape.


Provide users with true digital ownership over their assets, such as in-game items, collectibles, and virtual real estate. Through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized protocols, the AZTEQ Coin empowers users to create, trade, and monetize their digital assets in a secure and transparent manner.


Offering various economic opportunities for users, including the ability to earn income through virtual businesses or questing, passive income generation through staking or PLease , and access to decentralized finance services. The AZTEQ Coin is integrated in our ecosystem, and this is how we facilitate seamless and efficient transactions and enable users to participate in the growth of our metaverse.


Built with a focus on interoperability and collaboration, allowing users to seamlessly integrate with various blockchain networks, applications, and platforms. This interconnected approach encourages collaboration between different stakeholders, fostering innovation and driving the adoption of the metaverse on a global scale.


Decentralized governance structure, which enables users to participate in decision-making processes and influence the development of the platform. The AZTEQ Coin holders can engage in voting and propose changes to the ecosystem, ensuring a transparent, equitable, fair and democratic environment.


Designed to be scalable and accessible to a wide range of users, devices, and platforms. By utilizing the BNB Smart Chain and other advanced blockchain technologies, we ensure fast and efficient transactions, lower gas fees, and a seamless user experience, regardless of the user's level of technical expertise.

AZTEQ Metaverse aims to provide a comprehensive digital ecosystem that combines immersive experiences, digital ownership, economic opportunities, interoperability, community governance and scalability. By focusing on these core pillars, we strive to create a truly innovative and transformative platform that will shape the future of online interactions and redefine the way users experience immersive virtual worlds in our metaverse.


The tokenomics of AZTEQ coin sets it apart from other projects, as it is designed to support the platform's long-term sustainability and growth without relying on coin sales to fund the organization. With revenue generated from metaverse sales and sublicensing the game engine, AZTEQ Metaverse can maintain a more stable and reliable token ecosystem.

At the writing of this document there are around 116M coins in circulation, out of a maximum supply of 4B. Additional minting is done through a voting process every 6 months, ensuring that the community has a say in the token supply management. The allocation of coins is as follows:

5M staked in the contract for rewards: These coins are reserved to pay out rewards to users, ensuring a continuous flow of incentives for participation in the metaverse.

50M allocated for Liquidity, Listing, and Trading activities: These coins are set aside to provide liquidity and support for the AZTEQ coin on various exchanges, facilitating smooth trading and price discovery.

20M allocated for loyalty programs, incentives, and ecosystem development: These coins are dedicated to promoting user engagement, rewarding loyal community members, and fostering the growth of the AZTEQ Metaverse ecosystem.

31M allocated for bulk purchase in direct sales from AZTEQ Metaverse: These coins are reserved for large-scale purchases made directly through the company, ensuring the availability of coins for strategic partners and large acquisitions.

10M allocated as a war chest in reserve: These tokens serve as a contingency reserve to address unforeseen challenges or to capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

For every 100M minted, 5% of the coins are required to be reserved for rewards, ensuring a consistent and fair distribution of incentives to users within the metaverse.

The utility of the AZTEQ coin is further emphasized by its use within the metaverse for buying and selling items. Content creators- as sellers - will receive their earnings in AZTEQ coins, making it a true utility token within the ecosystem. Additionally, AZTEQ powers Decentralized Digital Assets (DDAs), further solidifying its role as the native currency of the AZTEQ Metaverse.

By adopting this unique tokenomic model focused on long-term sustainability and growth, AZTEQ Metaverse ensures that its token ecosystem remains stable, reliable, and integral to the success of the platform. Tokenomics play a crucial role in the success and sustainability of any blockchain-based project, particularly in the GameFi space. Some projects have encountered issues with their tokenomics, leading to difficulties for both the project itself and its community. By learning from these shortcomings, AZTEQ Metaverse has designed its tokenomics to avoid similar pitfalls and ensure long-term growth and stability.

Sustainable rewards

Some projects faced challenges in maintaining a sustainable rewards system due to high initial rewards that attracted a large number of users in a short period. This led to an increase in token demand and price, making it difficult for new players to participate and earn rewards. In contrast, AZTEQ Metaverse has carefully structured its rewards system to ensure sustainability, allowing for consistent and fair rewards distribution over time.

Controlled inflation

High inflation rates resulting from excessive token minting to pay for in-game rewards have negatively impacted some projects, leading to a decline in their token's value. AZTEQ Metaverse avoids this issue by implementing a controlled inflation mechanism, with additional minting occurring only through community voting every 6 months. This ensures that the token supply remains manageable and that the value of the AZTEQ coin is preserved.

Long-term value creation

Projects that primarily focus on short-term rewards and high token yields may struggle with long-term value creation, as users may treat the game as a quick profit-making opportunity rather than a long-term gaming experience. AZTEQ Metaverse addresses this by emphasizing long-term engagement through its metaverse, game engine sublicensing, and the use of AZTEQ coins for in-game purchases and sales, creating a true utility token. This encourages users to remain active in the ecosystem and contribute to its growth.

Transparency and community involvement

A lack of transparency and community involvement in decision-making processes can create distrust and limit a project's growth potential. AZTEQ Metaverse fosters transparency and community engagement through its governance model, allowing AZTEQ coin holders to participate in voting on important decisions, including token supply adjustments.

Public Offering

The AZTEQ coin can be acquired by DVP with a discount and vesting period of 6 months by sending the application form on our website. An example of this DVP agreement has been attached to this Whitepaper as Annex A. To comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Anti Terrorism Financing Laws and Regulations, we request a copy of a Government-Issued identity document, together with the DVP agreement. A KYC (Know-Your-Customer) investigation may be carried out and at any suspicious activity the proper authorities will be notified. The AZTEQ coin can be acquired, traded and swapped on various third-party platforms, such as Flooz, Metamask and Pancakeswap. These activities lie beyond our control.

Utility Token

The AZTEQ coin is a crypto-utility token and is not a financial instrument. Therefore there is no requirement for the issuer to comply with the laws and regulations regarding financial instruments. This Whitepaper complies with the regulations of the new European MiCAR (Market in Crypto Assets Regulation).

In conclusion, AZTEQ Metaverse has designed its tokenomics by learning from the weaknesses observed in other projects and focusing on long-term sustainability, controlled inflation, value creation, and community involvement. This approach ensures that AZTEQ Metaverse can achieve stable growth while providing a fair and engaging experience for its users.


At AZTEQ Metaverse, we utilize the latest advancements in technology to create a seamless and immersive experience within our virtual worlds. Our platform is built on a solid foundation of cutting-edge technologies that enable us to deliver a high-quality metaverse for our users, content creators and partners. Some of the key technologies we employ include:

Game Engine - Tetra

Our proprietary award winning game engine is built using WebGPU, a next-generation graphics and compute API that provides high-performance low-level access to modern GPU’s. By harnessing the power of WebGPU, our game engine is able to deliver stunning visuals, real-time rendering and efficient resource management, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience that outperforms over 3 times similar implementations from top tier vendors. It uses the AZTEQ coin for high performance transactions, such as notarization, identity and gamer history on-chain.

Metaverse Builder SDK - Infinity

The Metaverse Builder empowers content creators to easily design and develop their own virtual environments within our metaverse. This software development suite provides a robust set of tools, templates, and resources that streamline the creation process, enabling creators to bring their visions to life in an infraless environment tailored for professional studio development pipelines. With the AZTEQ coin, developers and content creators are able to scale services such as distributed processing and optimization.

Blockchain Technology - Avenge

Built on top of a secure and efficient blockchain infrastructure that powers our Decentralized Digital Assets (DDA) system. This technology ensures the security, transparency and provenance of digital assets within the metaverse, such as in-game items, virtual real estate and NFTs, all powered by the AZTEQ coin. By leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology, we are able to create a trustless and decentralized ecosystem that fosters innovation and user engagement.

Token Gate - Virtua

Token Gate features allows users who own supported NFTs to integrate their characters and items directly into our metaverse. For example, if a user owns a Gen-F NFT, they can bring their character into our virtual world, enabling them to interact with other users, participate in events, and engage with the metaverse in a whole new way. With our PLease technology, certain assets can be rented for a limited time with the AZTEQ coin by other users, creating opportunity for the NFT owner. This feature not only adds value and utility to existing NFTs but also enhances the overall user experience within the metaverse.

By embracing cutting-edge technologies and continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we are committed to delivering a truly innovative and immersive metaverse experience for our users, content creators and partners. Our dedication to technological excellence ensures that the AZTEQ Metaverse remains at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards in virtual world development and user engagement.


AZTEQ Metaverse is committed to create a fair and decentralized governance model that promotes community involvement, transparency, and equitable decision-making. We understand the importance of including our community in the decision-making process, as their input and engagement are crucial to the long-term success and growth of our metaverse ecosystem.

Our hybrid governance model ensures that all stakeholders have an opportunity to voice their opinions and contribute to the decision-making process. The structure of our governance model is as follows:

One vote per individual, regardless of the number of coins held. One bonus vote per individual who holds a marketplace position. One bonus vote per individual who holds a certain amount of AZTEQ coins.

This approach ensures that the voting power is distributed more equitably across the community. While large token holders still have a significant say in the decision-making process, their influence is balanced by the voices of the broader community.

Our governance model encourages healthy discussions and debates on topics that require community voting. By cultivating a collaborative environment, we empower our community to shape the future of the AZTEQ Metaverse together.

Inflation is a critical concern for many projects in the blockchain space. We are dedicated to maintaining a stable token supply, and we will not mint additional tokens arbitrarily. Our approach is to ensure that any increase in circulating supply is done through transparent communication and community voting. Community voting about this subject will be done every 6 months.

The AZTEQ Metaverse ecosystem is designed as a closed circuit, encouraging users to engage and transact within the platform. While we recognize the need for cross-chain solutions and token bridges, our priority is to focus on the core aspects of the metaverse experience. As our technology matures, we will explore and implement battle-tested solutions to ensure seamless integration and functionality

One of the unique features of our platform are our AI-managed smart contracts. This innovative approach ensures that the underlying contract remains secure, efficient and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of our metaverse ecosystem.

Our governance model aims to strike a balance between community engagement, fairness and efficient decision-making. By fostering a collaborative environment, we can work together to build a thriving metaverse that benefits all stakeholders.


The AZTEQ Metaverse Life is designed to cater to a wide range of use cases, providing a diverse and engaging virtual environment for users, content creators and partners. Some of the key use cases that can be explored within AZTEQ Metaverse Life include:


The AZTEQ Metaverse Life offers a rich and immersive gaming experience, with a wide variety of games and activities available for users to enjoy. From casual mini-games to competitive esports events, the metaverse provides countless opportunities for users to engage in their favorite gaming experiences, while also discovering new and exciting content.

Social Interaction

The AZTEQ Metaverse Life is a highly social environment, enabling users to connect with friends, make new acquaintances and interact with like-minded individuals from around the world. Users can participate in group activities, attend virtual events or simply explore the metaverse together, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging.

Virtual Real Estate

Within AZTEQ Metaverse Life users can purchase, develop and monetize virtual real estate. This offers a unique investment opportunity as well as a chance for users to create their own virtual spaces such as art galleries, retail stores, or entertainment venues, which can generate passive income through rental fees, ticket sales or advertising revenue.


Within AZTEQ Metaverse Life users can purchase, develop and monetize virtual real estate. This offers a unique investment opportunity as well as a chance for users to create their own virtual spaces such as art galleries, retail stores, or entertainment venues, which can generate passive income through rental fees, ticket sales or advertising revenue.

Content Creation

The AZTEQ Metaverse empowers content creators to design and develop their own virtual experiences using our Metaverse SDK. This provides creators with the opportunity to showcase their skills, build their brand and generate income through the sale of their digital assets, virtual experiences, or in-game items.

Education and Training

The AZTEQ Metaverse can be used as a platform for education and training, providing immersive and interactive learning experiences for users of all ages. Educational institutions, organizations and individual educators can leverage the metaverse to create virtual classrooms, training simulations and educational content that can be accessed by users from anywhere in the world.

E-commerce and NFT Marketplace

The AZTEQ Metaverse offers a comprehensive e-commerce platform allowing users to buy, sell, and trade both physical and digital goods, including NFTs. This creates a bustling virtual economy, where users can purchase in-game items, virtual real estate or even physical products, using AZTEQ coins or other supported cryptocurrencies.

Live Events and Entertainment

AZTEQ Metaverse Life is an ideal platform for hosting live events such as concerts, conferences or film screenings. Users can attend these virtual events in real-time, interacting with other attendees and experiencing the event as if they were physically present, all from the comfort of their own homes.

These use cases represent just a fraction of the potential applications within the AZTEQ Metaverse. As the platform continues to evolve and expand, we anticipate an ever-growing range of possibilities, driven by the creativity and innovation of our users, content creators and partners.


Our metaverse is designed to provide a comprehensive and interconnected ecosystem that facilitates seamless integration of various digital experiences, applications and assets. By fostering collaboration and interoperability between different platforms and technologies, we aim to create a unified borderless digital environment that transcends limitations and encourages innovation. Hereto follow the key components of our ecosystem.

Digital Assets

The AZTEQ Metaverse supports the creation and management of both mutable and immutable digital assets, leveraging Dynamic Digital Assets (DDA) technology. This allows users to create personalized and evolving digital content such as avatars, collectibles and in-game items, which can be traded, leased, sold or used within the Metaverse.

Virtual Real Estate

Within our metaverse users can own, buy, sell and lease virtual land, allowing them to create unique digital environments, host events or establish businesses. Virtual real estate provides an opportunity for users to generate passive income and participate in the growth of the metaverse.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs play a crucial role in our metaverse ecosystem, enabling the representation of unique digital assets and providing proof of ownership and authenticity. This creates new revenue streams for artists, developers and collectors, while at the same time enhancing the user experience within our metaverse.


The AZTEQ coin serves as the native currency within our metaverse, facilitating secure and efficient transactions across the platform. This includes purchasing in-game items, virtual real estate and digital assets, as well as participating in governance and staking mechanisms.


To ensure seamless integration and compatibility our metaverse has been designed to work in conjunction with existing technologies and platforms such as BNB Smart Chain. By utilizing the BSC, the AZTEQ coin can benefit from faster transaction times, lower gas fees and greater scalability compared to traditional blockchain networks. This ensures a smooth and efficient user experience.


To foster interoperability and ensure a truly borderless digital environment, our metaverse is designed to support cross-chain compatibility. This enables users to easily transfer assets between different blockchain networks, enhancing the flexibility and utility of the platform. We support Web3 technologies, enabling seamless integration with decentralized applications and blockchain-based platforms. This allows users to access a wide range of services and experiences without leaving the ecosystem.

Through the creation of a robust and interconnected ecosystem, AZTEQ Metaverse aims to provide users with a comprehensive digital experience that integrates seamlessly with existing technologies and platforms. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and interoperability, we strive to establish ourselves as a leading force in the digital landscape and shape the future of online experiences.


AZTEQ Metaverse's organizational structure is built on the foundation of the 9s model, a framework developed by McKinsey & Company. This model is critical to the success of our startup, as it comprises nine interdependent elements that encompass all aspects of a company's operations, from shared values to strategy to scale and stakeholders.

The organizational structure of AZTEQ Metaverse is designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and experimentation outlined in the 9s model. By building a strong foundation based on this model, AZTEQ Metaverse can create a scalable, sustainable and successful business that empowers its collaborators and users alike.

We embrace a decentralized immersive world that empowers users to create and explore while fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation and experimentation. Our strategy focuses on a clear roadmap and positioning ourselves as leaders in the Web3 landscape. We build a flexible decentralized organization that fosters growth and leverage cutting-edge technologies for a scalable and sustainable metaverse experience. By implementing efficient systems for development, marketing, support and collaborating with talented individuals who have diverse skill sets and a passion for gaming, we continuously invest in training and development to enhance our capabilities. Lastly, we foster strong relationships with external stakeholders such as users, partners and investors, to ensure our long-term success.

Our unique business model enables us to generate revenue through the sublicensing of our game engine and the sale of in-game items, which allows us to sustain our platform's growth and development without relying on token sales for funding. By focusing on creating value through our game engine and in-game item sales, we establish a stable income stream supporting the continuous improvement of our platform and services.

This approach also benefits our users and token holders, as it reduces the pressure to sell tokens to fund the organization, which can lead to token value dilution or volatility. By ensuring that our platform's growth is driven by real-world utility and value creation, we maintain a strong foundation that allows us to focus on delivering the best possible experience for our users and continue innovating within the metaverse space.

Our privately-held company and holding entity, headquartered in Rosmalen, Netherlands, is registered under the number 17228428 with SBI 6201/6420 in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

This structure allows for better management of our subsidiaries, such as the Metaverse game engine development, while reducing the risk of external interference. The parent entity is a foundation, enabling the creation of a DAO for a true decentralized governance structure. All our team members have been through a verification process.

The use of a Dutch BV (Besloten Vennootschap), a limited liability company, as the legal entity for AZTEQ Metaverse showcases our commitment to transparency, accountability and reliability factors that are essential for building trust with our customers, partners and investors.


The core team at AZTEQ Metaverse consists of many dedicated professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. With almost every demography present, our global team can handle any challenge and spot the caveats from miles away.

Our C-suite consists out of Lou (CEO), Zaf (CMO), Imane (CTO), Niels (CSO) and Wout (COO). You can verify our representatives online through using their Telegram ID from our website.

Besides our core team we have moderators, content creators, Web3 advisors, lawyers, system architects, beta testers and bug reporters to assist AZTEQ Metaverse with quality services. Our ambassador program and rewards will together with our governance boost our potential to grow. Yet we choose to grow steady and robust and take our expanding decision making with a mature vetting process with the greatest care.


AZTEQ Metaverse has been covered by various blogs and newsletters, such as, and spotlighted by Flooz and TokenWhistle.


The most versatile Web3 game engine


AZTEQ Metaverse has achieved remarkable milestones, solidifying its presence in the digital realm. Key accomplishments include the successful audit of the AZTEQ contract on the BNB Smart Chain and the liquidity strategies with an AZTEQ/BNB pair on PancakeSwap V2 and V3. The AZTEQ coin was listed on Flooz Wallet, marking a significant step in accessibility, followed by other DeFi platforms such as Sorcery and SafeSwap. The launch of AZTEQ Metaverse Life, along with the release of the AZTEQ Metaverse Builder and our game engine Tetra, we revolutionized the gaming and metaverse landscape.

Strategic partnerships with industry giants like NVIDIA, Alibaba Cloud, Hasbro, and Lenovo further showed our technological prowess. Our involvement in hackathons and the rebrand of our technologies, proof of concept demonstrations for third parties turned to be a successful adoption by AAA studios. Our own implementation of AI and ML technologies and integration of VR and AR elevated more opportunities, combining a powerful combination of technologies that work in harmony, yet are build on their own strengths each, used by companies such as Disney and artists just entering the scene. These achievements underscore AZTEQ Metaverse's visionary approach in blending gaming with blockchain technology.

Below is an overview of our roadmap to aim to deliver upcoming year.





Finalizing our beta-testing in December 2023 with prominent collections of NFT in 3D versions, like Gen-F, WonkeyDonkey, Nakamigos, MFers, BAYC and morphable characters derived from meme projects Pepe, Floki, Shiba Inu  to public access to celebrate our 1st year anniversary.





Rolling out our marketplace for game developers to rapid develop content with Tetra, our award winning game engine and bootcamps for Infinity, the SDK solution to deploy immediately in our metaverse Life and provide security options and trading mechanisms for Avenge, our L1 blockchain designed for gaming.





Integrate existing platforms and projects in Life, allowing cross chain e-commerce solutions for 3rd party brands, visibility tools like analyzers and explorers powered by Onyx, our AI solution using hot pluggable services to verify and safeguard parties in a trustless network underneath the metaverse.





Allow citizens of our metaverse Life to cast votes on deliverables and features, accelerate game development through grants, competitions, hackathons and raisers. Providing real time and open network insight of the performance of our technologies and further utilize the AZTEQ coin inside and outside our metaverse.


At AZTEQ Metaverse, we believe that strong partnerships are crucial for the development and growth of our metaverse. By collaborating with industry leaders and innovative companies we are able to leverage their expertise, resources and networks to enhance our platform, expand our reach and deliver exceptional experiences for our users. Some of our notable partners include:

Every week we reach out and engage with companies to reach common goals in areas like intellectual property, NFT distribution, decentralized finances, privacy, security, technology and game development.

If you are an official representative of a company interested in using our products and technologies, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We gladly take the time to explore our common ground and objectives!


At AZTEQ Metaverse, we believe that strong partnerships are crucial for the development and growth of our metaverse. By collaborating with industry leaders and innovative companies we are able to leverage their expertise, resources and networks to enhance our platform, expand our reach and deliver exceptional experiences for our users. Some of our notable partners include:

We work with AAA producers of entertainment and provide technical Web3 services, allowing cross-over digital asset management and migration using the technologies from AZTEQ Metaverse.

Our game engine is deployable on various platforms and capable of Web3 services. We are registered publishers on these platforms and our technologies are fully compatible.


At AZTEQ Metaverse, we believe that strong partnerships are crucial for the development and growth of our metaverse. By collaborating with industry leaders and innovative companies we are able to leverage their expertise, resources and networks to enhance our platform, expand our reach and deliver exceptional experiences for our users. Some of our notable partners include:

Open Communication Channels

We believe in maintaining open lines of communication with our community. We achieve this through various channels such as social media, community forums and chat platforms like Discord and Telegram. By actively engaging with our users we can gather invaluable feedback, address concerns and ensure that our development aligns with their needs and expectations.

Regular Updates and Transparency

Our commitment to transparency includes providing regular updates on our progress, development and achievements. Through blog posts, newsletters and social media, we keep our community informed about our roadmap, new partnerships and any changes to our platform.

Incentivized Participation

We encourage active community involvement by offering various incentives such as airdrops, contests and referral programs. These initiatives not only reward our users for their support but also help to spread awareness about the AZTEQ Metaverse and attract new users.

Educational Content

To empower our users and foster a deeper understanding of our platform and its features, we provide educational content in the form of articles, guides and video tutorials. By equipping our community with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the AZTEQ Metaverse, we ensure a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

Feedback Loops and Continuous Improvement

We value the feedback of our community and believe it is essential for the continuous improvement of our platform. By actively seeking input and suggestions from our users, we can identify areas for improvement and implement changes that truly cater to their needs and preferences.

Community-driven Governance

As part of our commitment to a decentralized and democratic ecosystem, we plan to introduce governance features that will enable our users to participate in decision-making processes. Through voting on proposals and submitting their ideas, the community can have a direct impact on the future development of the AZTEQ Metaverse.

By fostering a strong community engagement culture, we ensure that the AZTEQ Metaverse remains user-centric, innovative and adaptable to the evolving needs of our users. Together, we can build a metaverse that truly embodies the spirit of collaboration and shared success.


In summary AZTEQ Metaverse represents a new frontier in digital experiences offering users a highly immersive, decentralized and interconnected virtual universe powered by our innovative AZTEQ coin and cutting-edge blockchain technology. With a strong emphasis on user-centric design, community-driven governance and scalability, AZTEQ is designed to reshape the way people interact, create and monetize content in the digital world.

By harnessing the power of Dynamic Digital Assets (DDA) technology and the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), AZTEQ addresses key challenges in the realms of interoperability, transaction speed and cost-efficiency, paving the way for a more accessible and inclusive metaverse experience. The overwhelming number of use cases for the AZTEQ coin, from in-game transactions and virtual real estate to broader applications in various industries, underscore the versatility and adaptability of the platform as it continues to evolve and expand.

As we look to the future, AZTEQ Metaverse is committed to fostering a strong community, nurturing strategic partnerships and driving continuous innovation to ensure that our metaverse remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Our roadmap reflects our dedication to growth, and we are excited to see what the future holds as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The Power Is Yours,

The AZTEQ Metaverse Team


The information and resources in this white paper pertaining to AZTEQ Metaverse are not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, financial advice. The AZTEQ Metaverse team, to the best of its abilities, has ensured that all the information and resources are accurate.

AZTEQ is not an investment vehicle, as it is a utility GameFi token that allows players to create, merge, and exchange items in the metaverse. Nothing available in or through the AZTEQ Metaverse white paper should be understood as financial advice. The content of this white paper may be updated at any time to meet the requirements or challenges imposed by real-world or gaming utility-based aspects.

Cryptocurrency can be extremely volatile, and we cannot and will not be held responsible for any losses incurred from any purchases of $AZTEQ and/or partner-related tokens. It is in your own best interest to seek professional financial advice.

Crypto-assets Risk Disclosures

There are several risks associated with crypto-assets and crypto-assets trading.

Unique Features of Crypto-assets

Crypto-assets are not legal tender in most jurisdictions, including Europe, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and the United States, and have no intrinsic value. The price of сrypto-assets is based on the agreement of the parties to a transaction, which may or may not be based on the market value of the crypto-asset at the time of the transaction.

Price Volatility

The price of a crypto-asset is based on the perceived value of the crypto-asset and subject to changes in sentiment, which make these products highly volatile. Certain сrypto-assets have experienced daily price volatility of more than 20%.Therefore, there is a high volatility risk and holders may suffer large losses.

Market manipulation, Valuation and Liquidity

Crypto-assets can be traded through privately negotiated transactions and through numerous crypto-asset exchanges and intermediaries around the world, each with its own pricing mechanism and/or order book. The lack of a centralized pricing source poses a variety of valuation challenges. The holding of certain crypto-assets is highly concentrated, which may also impact prices or liquidity. You may therefore not get a fair price or treatment when buying or selling crypto-assets, or not be able to sell your crypto-assets as quickly as you would want in the absence of a potential buyer. In addition, the dispersed liquidity may pose challenges for market participants trying to exit a position, particularly during periods of stress. Cases of market manipulation have been reported on multiple occasions.


The cybersecurity risks of сrypto-assets and related “wallets” or spot exchanges include hacking vulnerabilities and a risk that publicly distributed ledgers may not be immutable. A cybersecurity event could result in a substantial, immediate and irreversible loss for market participants that trade сrypto-assets. Even a minor cybersecurity event in a crypto-asset is likely to result in downward price pressure on that product and potentially other сrypto-assets.

Opaque Spot Market

Crypto-asset balances are generally maintained as an address on the blockchain and are accessed through private keys, which may be held by a market participant or a custodian. Although crypto-asset transactions are typically publicly available on a blockchain or distributed ledger, the public address does not identify the controller, owner or holder of the private key. Unlike bank and brokerage accounts, crypto-asset exchanges and custodians that hold crypto-assets do not always identify the owner. The opaque underlying or spot market poses asset verification challenges for market participants, regulators and auditors and gives rise to an increased risk of manipulation and fraud, including the potential for Ponzi schemes, bucket shops and pump and dump schemes, which may undermine market confidence in a crypto-asset and negatively impact its price.

Сrypto-asset Exchanges, Intermediaries and Custodians

Сrypto-asset exchanges, as well as other intermediaries, custodians and vendors used to facilitate crypto-asset transactions, a rerelatively new and largely unregulated in most jurisdictions. The opaque underlying spot market and lack of regulatory oversight creates a risk that a crypto-asset exchange may not hold sufficient crypto-assets and funds to satisfy its obligations and that such deficiency may not be easily identified or discovered. In addition, many crypto-asset exchanges have experienced significant outages, downtime and transaction processing delays, flash crashes, and may have a higher level of operational risk than regulated futures or securities exchanges.

It may be difficult or even impossible to identify and/or locate the issuer of crypto-asset, the trading platform, wallet provider or intermediary, especially in a cross-border situation where it may also be difficult to determine which laws may be applicable. Thus, if a holder has a claim it might be difficult to sue the issuer or the wallet provider and enforce a title. Evidently, this is not the case with AZTEQ Metaverse, the issuer of the AZTEQ coin, as the structure is transparent.

Regulatory Landscape

The majority of crypto-assets and the selling of products or services in relation to crypto-assets are unregulated. In these cases you will not benefit from the rights and protections available to consumers for regulated financial services, such as complaints or recourse mechanisms.

Crypto-assets currently face an uncertain regulatory landscape in many jurisdictions. In addition, many crypto-asset derivatives areregulated by the provisions of national and supra-national (i.e. EU) securities legislation; moreover, some state securities regulatorshave cautioned that many initial coin offerings are likely to fall within the definition of a security and subject to their respectivesecurities laws. One or more jurisdictions may, in the future, adopt laws, regulations or directives that affect crypto-asset networksand their users. Such laws, regulations or directives may impact the price of crypto-assets and their acceptance by users, merchantsand service providers.


The relatively new and rapidly evolving technology underlying crypto-assets introduces unique risks. For example, a unique private key is required to access, use or transfer a crypto-asset on a blockchain or distributed ledger. The loss, theft or destruction of a private key may result in an irreversible loss of crypto-asset associated with this private key. The ability to participate in forks could also have implications for investors. For example, a market participant holding a crypto-asset position through a crypto-asset exchange may be adversely impacted if the exchange does not allow its customers to participate in a fork that creates a new product.

Transaction Fees

AZTEQ Metaverse does not request a transaction fee. However, third-party exchanges and platforms may request transaction fees.

Risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount

Investments in crypto-assets are not regulated in most countries and therefore you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Also, the risks associated with the investment may not be clearly stated in the documentation published by the issuer of the crypto-asset. The documentation of AZTEQ Metaverse however is complete and fully transparent.

Risk of insufficient information disclosure

Information regarding any specific сrypto-asset may be missing, inaccurate, incomplete and unclear with respect to the project and its risks. Documents may be highly technical and require sophisticated knowledge to understand the characteristics of theсrypto-asset and/or the project.

Project risk

In many projects, the value and stability of the сrypto-asset largely depends on the skill and diligence of the project team behind theсrypto-asset or the ICO. The project underlying an ICO might not be realized, which would ultimately make the сrypto-assetworthless.

Misleading information

Some crypto-assets and related products are aggressively advertised to the public, using marketing material and other information that may be unclear, incomplete, inaccurate or even purposefully misleading. For instance, advertisements via social media may be very short, with a focus on the potential gains but not the high risks involved. You should also beware of social media ‘influencers’ who typically have a financial incentive to market certain crypto-assets and related products and services and therefore may be biased in the communications they issue.

Fraud and malicious activities

Numerous fake crypto-assets and scams exist and you should be aware that their sole purpose is to deprive you of your money using different techniques, for example phishing.