Let's be clear.
There was no pure Web3 game engine.
There was no viable gaming blockchain.
There was no sustainable UHC network.
Until now.

Our Ultra-High-Capacity metaverse Life is powered by the award winning game engine Tetra, which has proven to be more than six times faster than any existing AAA solutions.

Tetra utilizes WebGPU and the Avenge blockchain together. Optimized for MMO gaming with features such as fast finality and proprietary technologies such as Dynamic Digital Asset management.


Experience the power of WebGPU.
As long you have a browser,
you are in business.

With over 2,800+ avatars for you to unlock, your adventure encompasses over 12 districts - from deep valley jungles to outer space.


Fast finality and near instant transfers.
Guaranteed and unstoppable, so you
experience 360 degrees of DeFi.

Whether you need onramp, swapping, farming, bridging, offramp facilities, we provide interoperable services that are accessible at your fingertips, easy and secure.


Play together with your friends for a friendly match or a tournament.
Play to earn, because the power is yours.

From trading cards, speed runs, e-sports, racing incredible runs to fights in deep space, you can put your skills to the test with your tribe or the world.


Bring your NFT alive in 3D.
Create your own flair, weapons and skins.
Fuse, trade or sell them for profit.

Either morph into your NFT inside our Life metaverse or use them to power up. Create composite assets by fusing them or design your own virtual assets.


Build your own solutions with our technologies. No rev share, no subscriptions. With better tools.

With the Infinity SDK you can create decentralized content for entertainment products and deploy directly to our metaverse Life - or as standalone applications.


Over 40 people who contribute, grow and build our business every day with a passion to bring Web3 to everyone.

We continuous develop our solutions, expand our partnerships and organize virtual and local events to showcase our business and products.


AZTEQ is the most versatile utility coin which powers a rich ecosystem and is interoperable across blockchains.

With 116M total supply, 18 decimals, audited on BNB Chain by Audit.SC and XPose Security, open source and protected by technologies from Lossless and FailSafe




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Are you ready for adventure?
AZTEQ Metaverse is a division of AMG Nederland BV, a privately held company in the Netherlands.  Since 2008, AMG Nederland BV has been into international trading and evolved over time in a fintech company as we develop software solutions to adapt to market needs.

AZTEQ Metaverse as a brand is internationally protected under registration 018883247 at the EUIPO. Our business activities are compliant to Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR). We are not a crypto exchange platform or in any way provide or manage custodial cryptocurrency wallets.

The SBI for AZTEQ Metaverse is 6201, registered under 17228428 at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and our VAT is NL819602085B01 provided for your due diligence.